About this Site

Beverly Claire Stock Images offer unique, beautiful images at very affordable prices. We are able to do this because we shoot the photos and then sell them to you, the customer, right from our own website. Cutting out the middleman means you get more value for your money. It’s also a significant show of your support for independent, living artists.

About the Photographer

Me in my favorite neighborhood park. Photo by noritan.

Me in late 2013. Photo by noritan.

My name is Beverly Claire. I bought my first film SLR camera when I was in college in the late 1990’s. My main goal was to shoot Grand Sumo tournaments in Nagoya, Japan. I was a shrieking, screaming, fainting sumo fan back then 🙂

Arming myself with a 300mm lens, an unwieldy tripod and my trusty SLR, I shot dozens and dozens of rolls of film. Of sumo dudes. Even the ones I didn’t really like. It was an amazing feeling freezing movement and capturing expressions and preserving them on film, for a lifetime of memories. That started my love affair with photography.

After graduation, I became a corporate workhorse, practically living in the office and doing non-stop, sleepless 72-hour workdays. I dropped all hobbies and dedicated my entire life to my IT job. My camera and lenses gathered dust. I didn’t even think of taking up photography again until, a couple of years ago, I attended my niece’s wedding. The photos I took with a low-MP point-&-shoot camera in a dimly lit room were terribly disappointing. I vowed to not make the same mistake again. I’ve since armed myself with a decent DSLR and am back in “shooting everything that moves (or not)” mode.

I left the Philippines in early 1997. I have since lived and worked in Japan. Yokohama, a bay city near Tokyo, is the place my husband and I call home.

Other Works

I maintain a fully functioning prints store featuring selected images.

I love to paint.

I also work as a 3D visualization artist. I enjoy interior decoration and product design. For me, traveling is not merely a want but a need, because visiting different places and meeting new people truly help expand one’s horizons. Next to painting I enjoy digital graphic design and making personalized gifts. I’m a self-taught lots-o’-things, so one day I decided to teach myself how to swim.

Our Brand

Beverly Claire Stock Images is a division of Beverly Claire Designs.

Our Network

Our site is a part of the Symbiostock network, a group of visual artists who run their own stock websites but are linked to each other.

This means that when you cannot find an image on our site, you’ll be able to search the portfolios of other network members. In the end, no matter which Symbiostock site you purchase a license from, you will still be directly supporting independent artists.

How Can We Help You?

If you are looking for a particular image and wish to hire us to capture something for you, please send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!